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Carlos Kelley:
I’m the question of comprehension in a famine of fathoming
I’m the true Götterdämmerung, I’m the real One Ring hammering
My own mythology, a radical cosmogony
Composed of constant calculation and profuse apology.

I could nascent carve an alabaster ancient’s visage
Hewn into the lines of marble years of practiced master’s wisdom
I have a question. Am I eternal like the rock unshifting?
Must magnificence and meekness stay in constant schism?

I can be, I can be
I can be the dark winning out against the light and
I can be, I can be
All I am is darkness, out with the brief torches.

Look at me now, all decaying and toxic,
Ends begun fraying, outlook agnostic,
But I grow abundant verses like the Scythian Lamb,
As long as I can tell myself “I am, I am, I am.”

Ben Chin:
Thinking bout the things that you said that you would die for
Bring it back to the days when we thought it was wise to lie low
bio-chemistry’s changing my base chemistry.
Burn an effigy for the one that you all have outgrown

You swagging down the street with your drawers just a lil' bit poking out
When War put out low rider that wasn’t the shit he sang about
Look around, you waving all your Smith and Wessens
Never touch a real gun in your life, begging to be taught a lesson

See I don’t tell jokes. No, I don’t clown as a comedian
You actin’ like a dog better put your name down for obedience
Athenian-like knight in incandescent armor
Sagacity leave you wishing that god had left it darker

One more class before you leave the wingspan of my tutelage
Remember to drink it down like it’s your favorite bubbly beverage
While the alphabet might scream that you a motherfucking G
I run from A to Z. Numbers are scared of me.


from QNA, released August 1, 2015



all rights reserved


QNA Brooklyn, New York

QNA is a band based in New York City, merging the highly improvisational, referential idioms of hip-hop and jazz. QNA’s cerebral lyrics work in tandem with formidable musicianship to create music both unique and wholly accessible, from reinterpretations of popular jazz standards and hip-hop hits to totally original material. ... more

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