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I am conflagrating, body animating
Ripped out from a shell decaying, desiccating
Seminating raps ripped straight from the headlines
Hun my honey’s from the beehive

Everything that I have ever done
Pales to this solitary experience
Soon as my body moved I knew that I was lost
Free from my despicable claustrophobia

I can feel the music, feelin’ kinda woozy
Swirling in a soup of saddened sordid booty

If I was on Molly or was Molloy,
Call me Nameable, I’d find my own voice

Whiplash, toilet flush, drum crash,
Cannabis, graying fumes, hot ash
Now I’m up on my feet, mental must press delete
A paralytic romantic dancing to the beat

PaRappa’s raps they ain’t got nothin’ on me
No tentacles, discernable need,
Watch me come alive a butterfly kinged,
2Pac incarceration only a dream!

I can feel the music, feelin’ kinda woozy
Swirling in a soup of saddened sordid booty

Leave a loosey, drink the juice, shit the manger
Give it up to the bounce.

Yo, I’m a fuckin’ walkin’ libri vox
Decline a noun a gerund to tell what the fuck’s the purpose of
You tryna take me down and put me into a submission?
My Machoke knows both those moves and will KO you to perdition

Like Eli casting devils out of old lady’s hands
I’m so out of your league that you’ll never understand
All my references, all my pre-ordained preferences
I’ve got an answer: I’m a monk with the “tenements”

Never took that Lucy, feelin’ kinda woozy,
Gotta make my maker happy, no I can’t be choosy

Leave a loosey, drink the juice,
Shit the manger, kill a groom,
They told me give it up to the bounce


from QNA, released August 1, 2015



all rights reserved


QNA Brooklyn, New York

QNA is a band based in New York City, merging the highly improvisational, referential idioms of hip-hop and jazz. QNA’s cerebral lyrics work in tandem with formidable musicianship to create music both unique and wholly accessible, from reinterpretations of popular jazz standards and hip-hop hits to totally original material. ... more

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